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Returning Veteran Gets a New Home and Sings, “Sweet Land of Liberty.”

Fri Oct 2, 2015 on Blog

Is America the “Land of the free and home of the brave?” For one American Veteran, it is. Only in America do urban legends really come true! Buying a $185,000.00 home with only $78.38, courtesy of Weston Title and your friendly VA. Through the Government home loans programs offered by the VA, and with the assistance of Weston Title & Escrow, […]

Credit Grip Loosening; So Where in Florida Should You Buy?

Wed Feb 8, 2012 on Blog

If you’re looking to buy a house in Florida this year, you’re probably still concerned about whether now is a good time to apply for a mortgage.   We’ve seen several reports this week that suggest just that.  For once, the banks stranglehold on credit is finally loosening up, according to DSNews.com. They point to several market indicators that they say […]