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Remote Online Notarization


What is Remote Online Notarization?

Effective January 1, 2020,  the Florida legislature passed a law, allowing for Remote Online Notarization (RON).  Simply put, RON provides for the notary and the person verifying the content of a document to not be required in the same physical location.  The signer of the document appears, via the use of audio-video technology,  before the notary.  This way both the notary and the signer are able  to  see and hear each other via the computer but do not need to be in each other’s physical presence.  In order for a notary to be able to perform RON, (s)he must apply and undergo training pursuant to Florida Statute Sections 117.201 to 117.305.

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What are the advantages of RON?


RON provides a tremendous option for how real estate closings are conducted in the State of Florida, especially now during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Instead of having a traditional closing in a conference room where all of the parties are present, you can  now, provided that you have a laptop or smart phone, execute documents online remotely and have those documents notarized.


Should you be physically in another state and are closing on real estate in Florida, RON is an option for you as it allows for you to remotely video your closing and notarize your documents from  your location as long as a notary is present at the time that you execute your documents online and the notary is able to confirm and validate that you executed your documents without any duress or coercion. remote closing real estate

Perhaps you are unable to physically attend a closing due to your profession (if, for example, you are  on call as a physician or you  work a night shift) or you are unable to travel due to medical issues, the use of RON for a closing provides a helpful alternative.


In cases where you may have multiple signers to a closing  where the signers are not all physically located within the State of Florida, all parties involved may sign at the same time using RON.  This avoids any lag time in waiting for mail away packages to be sent and returned, and avoids the logistics of having multiple closers make arrangements to physically attend the closing in person.

Are there limitations to RON?

While RON should work throughout the world, at this point, it is really more of a domestic service for people within the United States as it is difficult for the technology currently to validate foreign credentials.

However, frequently we are able to nevertheless find alternative solutions using remote online  notarization. remote closing real estate

Should you have any questions regarding RON, or wish to schedule a RON closing, feel free to contact our team at Weston Title at 954-384-6168.  Our team is here to make your closing the most convenient for you.