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RIN Closings | Remote Ink-signed Notarizations

RIN Closings

RIN or Remote Ink-signed Notarizations also known as a “hybrid” closing  where the residential or commercial real estate purchaser or borrower executes certain documents using remote online notarization and other documents via paper and pen.  The “wet inked” documents are then returned to the title company.

remote ink notarization

How does RIN differ from Remote Online Notarization (RON)?

Remote Online Notarization is a fully digital transaction.  All of the documents are electronically signed  and then the notary digitally signs, applies a digital notarial certificate,  and then seals the digital documents.  The signers to a RON transaction must be authenticated using a third-party verification process that is built into the platform.

With a RIN transaction, video conferencing is used so that the signers of a transaction personally appear before a notary.  However, everyone  “wet” signs certain documents such as the Note and/or Mortgage with the other documents being  executed digitally,  and the notary ink stamps the documents after verifying the identity of the signers.

If you have any questions about RIN closings, feel free to contact our team at 954-384-6168