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Although our sister company Oppenheim Law handles real estate issues involving Foreclosure Defense, Weston Title plays a pivotal role in helping homeowners avoid Foreclosure and repair their financial stability by providing assistance with Short Sales and Loan Modifications.  In fact, Short Sales is an effective way to avoid Foreclosure and deficiency judgments.  Short Sales allow a homeowner to try and get rid of a property that is underwater and draining financial assets while avoiding future liability for any deficiency.  At Weston Title and Oppenheim Law we can serve all of your Short Sale needs, from negotiating and getting bank approval to the closing, guiding you throughout the process.

Short Sales can be a bank and buyer’s best friend.  Short Sales allow the bank to recover a portion of their investment up front, rather than taking the property back and being stuck with another house that the bank cannot sell.  In addition, banks have to pay taxes, HOA and maintenance fees once they take a property back.  Short Sales offer the banks an alternative resolution that is more favorable than Foreclosure and allow a Buyer to get a good deal.

Weston Title and Oppenheim Law also can help homeowners seeking help in getting a Loan Modification who prefer to stay in their homes, but are underwater and having trouble making their mortgage payments or refinancing their current loan.  Although the banks historically had been less willing to approve loan modifications, government incentives and mortgage fraud by the banks have  given the banks the shove they needed to avoid the foreclosure process. Title insurance company, title insurance Florida, foreclosure attorneys fort lauderdale