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The following testimonials have been reprinted with the author’s permission. Some our clients last names have been removed to protect our clients’ privacy.

With the closing of our approved short sale now set, we thought this was a perfect time to express our thanks and gratitude. The best thing we ever did was take Roy’s advice when he told us he could help.

We remember that phone consultation like it was yesterday and the advice was some of the best we had ever been given. The next best thing that happened was having Geoffrey Sherman take on our fight. Geoffrey, what we appreciated the most was that you really took care of us.

The emails when all kinds of craziness came up or even just questions and you always replied so quickly. On top of that the countless times you would reply “call me” may have been second nature to you but to us it meant everything.

You negotiated a deal for us that really we only dreamed would be possible and so thank you for making that our reality. We are almost there and would not be setting a closing date without all of you.

Thank you all for the fight and the win!

Karen and Kathryn

Yes, there is life after short sale. I was a reluctant landlord, I found my self in charge of two houses after my parents died. I got a mortgage at the top of the market, I paid off my sibling’s interest in the family home, paid off my parents accounts and rented my home. Soon the market crashed, and a desperate tax strapped Broward County fined me for ” homestead Fraud” meaning that the months after my parents died, I failed to report this change in homestead to the Tax Appraiser’s Office, isn’t that who you notify first in a family tragedy? They fined me 30 grand.

Soon I was upside down in my home, the rented home was now over $150,000 less than it was mortgaged for.. and I was scrambling to make the payments.

Emptying my bank account every month, living on credit cards, the new American way. All of this to maintain a home I wasn’t even residing in. But what could I do? Finally I told my friend Heather, confided in her what a mess I was in. It was something I didn’t even want to admit… it was like confessing some sort of addiction..”I’m throwing away thousands of dollars and Im afraid to stop” She told me about short sale. I thought, aren’t you marked for life then? unable to purchase anything? relegated to cash only terms for life? All credit accounts revoked?

After a meeting with Roy Oppenheim I was told NO to all of these questions, but still I worried… I still remember stories of my Grandmother, Immigrants weren’t extended credit, so she would pawn my grandfather’s pocket watch so the family could eat.. “where’s that watch..? ”

We jumped in with both feet and went for a short sale. It wasn’t easy. it took a year. We fired two different agents. The last agent tried to lure me away from my lawyer, for her, “free” lawyer. (reminds me of a sign a saw once, “Free beer, yesterday”) The end of this rambling letter, is to say, here I am three months free of my money sucking home. There is no scarlet letter on my chest. My credit score has already begun to rebound.

All my credit cards have remained, and are actually paid! I bought a new(ish) car last month. There are no more threatening letters, only the vague fear of the tax implications.. but that’s a matter for my CPA.. Im no longer shackled to a poor decision I made while I was grieving. and to all afraid to make the leap out of a house that’s just a bad deal.. go ahead, jump out! Get while the getttin’s good. There is life after a short sale, and life is good.

I’m FREE, FREEEE thanks to Roy, Geoffrey and Heather! Thanks Oppenheim Law and Weston Title.

Megan Stoyer

SunTrust Bank

As a financial institution, one of our guiding principles is to keep our ‘clients first’. With our ‘clients first’ principle, we are committed to helping our clients prosper and to meet their needs in the most professional, trustworthy and friendly environment possible. Roy Oppenheim and his team at Weston Title & Escrow have partnered with us throughout the years to deliver on this guiding principle. Roy has built an outstanding team that puts the client first and delivers industry leading service. We don’t hesitate to send referrals to Weston Title because they are extremely reliable and our clients receive outstanding customer service.

-Ricardo Reyes, Branch Manager
SunTrust Bank, South Florida

ReMax HomeTown

Over the past 10 years I have found the team at Weston Title not only professional and flexible, but creative and friendly. Its my honor to call Roy and his staff good friends.

-Joe Caprio, Realtor
ReMax HomeTown


Gentlemen: The reason I have done business with WESTON TITLE since 1990 is: their great service and follow through.

-Beth Brandt, Vice President
Mackinac Savings Bank


My family has been in the building business for more than 40 years and it is therefore that I can say that without a doubt Roy D. Oppenheim and his team provides the highest quality service. They seem to always be one step ahead of us and do there best never to miss a step. Just as important, they provide friendly professional service that always makes my company look good.

-Mark Spirtis, President
Delcrest Homes, Inc.


I would like to take this opportunity to commend you and your staff for your outstanding performance during our many years as a custom homebuilder in Arvida’s Weston. Your personal involvement is a great compliment to your friendly and efficient staff.

-Rick Bell, Vice President
Landmark Building & Design II, Inc.


I have been using Weston Title and Roy Oppenheim and his wonderful staff for about 8 years. I do so because they are always there with good sound advice for my clients and me. They do a very thorough and complete job which makes me feel confident and assures a smooth and professional closing.

-Lauren Silver, Luxury Home and Corporate Relocation Specialist
Arvida Realty Services


As a branch manager of SunTrust, I am very familiar with Weston Title and Escrow and its principals. The company is extremely responsible and provides the highest quality service imaginable. I personally as well as our bank regularly refer business to Weston Title for one simple reason; they are extremely dependable.

-Emma Church, SunTrust, Branch Manager
Weston Branch


Five years ago, as a new builder we were extremely dependent on finding an excellent title company to service our needs. Roy, and his staff were always there for us and very patient in explaining things that ordinarily we maybe should have known. I now consider Weston Title an important part of my business team.

-David Mizrahi, President
Danro Homes

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