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Weston Title is experienced in dealing with investors who are looking to purchase property. The key is to know what you are doing.  That is where Weston Title and Oppenheim Law can help. There are many mistakes that you can make, especially when dealing with purchasing distressed properties.  From second mortgages that were not properly foreclosed to HOA liens, you can increase your risk by not doing research before buying.  Weston Title can provide title searches, title insurance policies, and handle closings once the property is ready to sell again.  In addition, as a Title Company that has Oppenheim Law as your trusted legal counsel, we can help you avoid many of the pitfalls involved in buying distressed properties.

In fact, the recent news of issues concerning chain of title should cause investors great pause before purchasing.  Weston Title and Oppenheim Law have always encouraged people to purchase Title Insurance, especially if you purchased or will be purchasing property at Foreclosure Sales.  If you are bidding on foreclosures at auction, please call us so we can assist you in performing the proper lien searches before you bid.  Title Insurance covers this potential title defect, allowing the investor to cover not just the amount they paid for the property, but the fair market value once the property has been improved.  Thus, our team at Weston Title is able to help guide you through the entire process. Title insurance company, title insurance Florida,