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Florida Real Estate Battle of the Sexes: Men List More, Women List Pricier

Fri Oct 21, 2011 on Blog

Florida Real Estate Batte of the SexesWeston Title found it interesting, even the real estate industry is not immune to gender disparities. Women may outnumber men by 57% in the real estate industry, but it’s the men who list more homes. On a pricier note, women listed more expensive homes than men.

Recently, Trulia decided to conduct an experiment using their database to find out who lists more homes, men or women?

After parsing their 100,000 member strong database into separate genders, they took a snapshot on October 1 to answer this question. The men won the listing round, but the women crushed the guys when it came to home values.

In Florida, the average value of the homes listed by female agents was $151,313 while the average value of homes listed by men was $147,914, a two percent difference.

The state with the biggest disparity in average home values was West Virginia where women listed homes that were 63% more expensive than the homes men listed. Louisiana and Connecticut followed close behind at 63% and 53% respectively. The only state where males listed homes with higher values than females was Alaska where the difference was 53%.
When it comes to the number of homes listed, however, men took the lead. The state with the highest disparity was North Dakota where men listed 129% more homes than their female counterparts. In South Dakota the difference was 87% and Rhode Island came in third at 72%. The only state where women listed more homes than men was Mississippi where they listed 41% more homes and also listed homes that were 27% more expensive.
In Florida, where the housing market is flooded with homes, men listed up to 14% more homes than women.
Trulia noted the fact women listed homes that were more expensive didn’t necessarily mean they were more aggressive when it came to pricing homes to sell. It may simply mean women were selling homes in more expensive areas.