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Weston Title’s 5 Eco-Friendly Home Improvement Ideas that Payback

Wed Nov 2, 2011 on Blog & Florida Real Estate

Weston Title and Escrow has a new eco-friendly message that puts cash back in homeowner’s pockets: Reduce, Reuse and Remodel.

The green lining in homeownership might just be an eco-friendly home improvement list for some South Florida homeowners. With so many Florida homes underwater and toxic with foreclosure hangovers, finding the silver lining is a challenge. However, fitting your home with green technology can actually put more money in your pocket. Additionally, making your Florida home more environmentally friendly can actually increase its value.

5 Eco-Friendly Home Improvement Ideas that Payback

1. Reduce your water bill by as much as 40% by installing high-efficiency shower heads. The average installation cost is $180, but you will save $300 per year. This adds up to $6,000 over 20 years and it’ll take less than a year to pay off the cost of installation.

2. Electricity is probably your biggest expense. Investing $13,000 in solar technology can save you $1,200 per year and $60,000 over 20 years. Smart Florida homeowners would do well to take advantage of the government grants and tax incentives available, which will reduce the cost of installing solar panels.

3. Insulating your walls can trim $300 a year off your energy and utility bill for a 20 year savings of $6,000. With the average cost of installation at $750, it would take 2.5 to earn back your investment.

4. For people in areas with high precipitation, installing a water retention/conservation system can save you up to $216 per year, or $4,320 over 20 years. These systems collect rain water as well as recycle grey water for use in toilets and irrigation.

5. Instead of wasting money on bottled water, install a whole-house water filtration system. Your $1,000 investment will save you $312 per year, and $6,240 over 20 years. That’s probably a better return that you would get on the stock market.

For more eco-friendly home improvement ideas from Weston Title, check out the infographic…


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