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Florida Realtors President Says Housing Market is on the Mend

Thu Feb 16, 2012 on Blog

One of the key players in the South Florida housing market believes that it is finally on the rebound.

2012 Florida Realtors president Summer Greene, a regional manager at Better Homes and Gardens Florida 1st,  said her real estate agents are once again fielding multiple offers for their listings in Broward County.

That’s because there are far less homes actually on the market, about 6,000, down from 34,000 during the peak of the housing crisis, she told the Sun-Sentinel.

“The Florida market has turned a corner, and while there will be challenges along the way, it’s only going to get better,” Greene said.

Greene feels the market is on the right track, despite the potential for a rise in foreclosures this year. She is confidant the banks have not, and will not, flood the market with excess properties.

Greene is in the state’s capital advocating with other real estate agents on issues such as Amendment 4, which would give first-time home buyers property tax breaks and a lower  cap for property tax increases on homes without homestead exemptions.

“In an election year, our advocacy work is likely to take center stage,” Greene added

Greene feels Amendment 4 is key to keeping the housing market, and Florida’s economy on the road to recovery.