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Are All Title Companies Closing Companies?

Fri Mar 1, 2019 on Blog

Are All Title Companies Closing Companies?

Video: Are All Title Companies Closing Companies?

FAQ’s With Roy Oppenheim

Next question is, “Are all title companies also closing companies?” Until recently, I would have said yes. I would have said that if you’re an escrow company or a title company that by definition, you are also a closing company. In fact, in California, I think that’s the only state where in fact, the title, the issuance of title insurance can be separated from an escrow, from the escrow process or the closing process.

Are All Title Companies Closing Companies?

Now, a lot of titled companies in California are both title companies and escrow companies. But in fact, you can go to a separate escrow company in California from a different title company. I don’t necessarily recommend that. I think it’s probably best to have everything under one roof. It just seems more efficient, but there could be some circumstances where you want your title company not to be your escrow company.

Florida Title Companies and New York title Companies

In Florida and New York, their title company is typically also the escrow company and they conduct the closing.

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