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What Does Title Insurance Protect You Against?

Fri Mar 29, 2019 on Blog & Florida Real Estate

what does title insurance protect you against

Video: What Does Title Insurance Protect You Against?

FAQ’s With Roy Oppenheim

Full Transcript: People sometimes ask, “What does title insurance protect you against?” And the answer is really simple. It protects you against from losing your property or having to be involved in some crazy lawsuit where you have to spend a ton of money on legal fees to make sure that your title is fully yours and that you have good and marketable title, after you have gone through a closing and paid for the property. Some of the problems that typically could come up that it protects you against are, IRS tax liens, if the prior owner did not pay off, or if prior years of real estate taxes have not been paid off, or if there’s an encroachment, if someone’s fence is on your property.

What Does Title insurance Protect You Against?

What Does Title insurance Protect You Against?

Or, worse than that, if a mortgage, a previous mortgage from another owner way back in the chain of title hasn’t been paid off. Or, if the person that you bought the property from really wasn’t that person and it was someone disguising someone who was on a world-wide cruise and away for 180 days, and they come in and say that they’re selling the property, and they pretend to be the seller, and they’re not. And that those things do happen, because, “Oh, that never happens.” Trust me, those things do happen. But by having title insurance, you are protected from that kind of a fraud or scam.

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