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A Personal Special Thanksgiving Message

Fri Nov 18, 2022 on Blog

A Personal Special Thanksgiving Message

As it is the firm’s annual tradition, we wish to take a moment and reflect upon those things for that we are thankful.

Foremost, we are continually thankful for each other, good health, and for the freedom we enjoy by living in our great nation.

This Thanksgiving, the words “thanks” and “giving” continue to bring new meaning.

For one, we have become accustomed to and more adaptive with living through a pandemic. This has made all of us resilient and flexible with our lives. We have forged on. Things that we may have taken, at one point, for granted such as family gatherings, business conferences, concerts, sporting events, and travel have all come back in full bloom.

We have taken serious first steps in enabling humanity to continue beyond our planet. There are planned space flights to the Moon, and the beginnings of a permanent  space colony on the Moon.

Closer to home, there has been tremendous demonstration of humanity in Hurricane relief efforts. We are also thankful for being lucky enough not to have skirted the Hurricane locally.

We are thankful for our wonderful team, most of whom have been with us for two to three decades, that, through thick and thin, has been able to forge ahead and continue to support all of our clients, friends, and each other regardless of the circumstances.

We thank all of our clients for continuing to entrust us and for affording us the opportunity to serve the community for thirty-five years.

And, finally, to our own family, for which we are eternally grateful. Our adult children are able to continue with their own lives yet find meaningful  time for all of us to spend together.

As we approach Thanksgiving, which is one of our favorite holidays as it brings our families and country together, we hope that each of you will take a moment and reflect upon what is special in your lives to give thanks.

Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!

From the Heart and the Trenches,

Ellen and Roy