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What Is Closing?

Sat Mar 30, 2019 on Blog

What is closing?

Video: What Is Closing?

FAQ’s With Roy Oppenheim

Full Transcript: One of the questions that people frequently ask is, what is a closing? And it’s funny, until I became a lawyer, I myself did not really know what a closing was, because I’d never attended a closing. My parents had never owned real estate when I was a kid. So, a closing is where people come together and actually transfer the title, transfer the funds. It’s really also what’s called a settlement.

What is closing?

What is closing?

And it’s where people get together and they settle up on all the issues on the funds, the transfer of the real estate, on the issuance of the title insurance policy. And when it’s all said and done, you have a new owner, a seller who’s received payment, and everyone’s happy and walks away. And there are no loose ends, and so everything is settled and everything is closed.

That’s why it’s called the closing.

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