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4 HOA Tips for Florida Homeowners by Weston Title

Thu Dec 1, 2011 on Blog

If you live in a Florida condo, coop or townhome, odds are that you write one extra check — to your homeowners association every month, in addition to your mortgage payment. HOAs offer many benefits to their communities, from caring for the common areas and amenities in or around properties to helping protect property values (to an extent) and creating a feeling of […]

Weston Title Celebrates Florida Real Estate Family and Community

Tue Nov 22, 2011 on Blog

Weston Title and Escrow hosted a wine and cheese party for local real estate professionals celebrating Weston’s recent winning of best housing market in the United States.  The median home value in the far western Fort Lauderdale suburb has climbed 15.1 percent to $280,000 since early 2009, according to a survey of the nation’s 1,000 largest cities by for […]

5 Truths About Florida Homeownership in Today’s Market

Fri Nov 11, 2011 on Blog

Florida Real Estate is still very much a buyer’s market, so if you’re able to purchase a home, Weston Title would like to suggest 5 reasons why you should. 1. Equity When you are paying rent to a landlord, once you hand them a check, that money goes down the rabbit hole, never to be seen again. Paying rent does […]

Weston Title’s 5 Eco-Friendly Home Improvement Ideas that Payback

Wed Nov 2, 2011 on Blog & Florida Real Estate

Weston Title and Escrow has a new eco-friendly message that puts cash back in homeowner’s pockets: Reduce, Reuse and Remodel. The green lining in homeownership might just be an eco-friendly home improvement list for some South Florida homeowners. With so many Florida homes underwater and toxic with foreclosure hangovers, finding the silver lining is a challenge. However, fitting your home […]