HUD: Home Affordability at 40-Year High

Tue Jan 17, 2012 on Blog

More good news for home buyers from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, who said in their latest housing scorecard that homes haven’t been this affordable since 1971, when Richard Nixon was president. In this latest report HUD announced the October 2011 affordability index was 197.8. Compare that to the height of the house price bubble in 2006, when it […]

Rent vs Home Prices: Where does Florida Rank?

Sat Dec 17, 2011 on Blog

Florida is hovering around the average for growth in rental costs, seeing a 67 percent increase in the average rent from 2008, while still posting some of the highest home prices in the country. Check out the graphic below for some interesting numbers nationwide. We looked for a pattern between the states that saw the highest jumps in rent, and […]

South Florida Inventory Down, Mini Recovery in Sight for 2012 Economists Say

Sun Dec 11, 2011 on Blog

South Florida real estate finally made a good list!  Weston Title reports progress in South Florida residential real estate inventory as the most recent MLS data shows that South Florida active listings continue to go down and pending sales continue to rise, closing the gap to get Florida into recovery mode. “We are seeing an increase of closing services for […]

4 HOA Tips for Florida Homeowners by Weston Title

Thu Dec 1, 2011 on Blog

If you live in a Florida condo, coop or townhome, odds are that you write one extra check — to your homeowners association every month, in addition to your mortgage payment. HOAs offer many benefits to their communities, from caring for the common areas and amenities in or around properties to helping protect property values (to an extent) and creating a feeling of […]